Welcome To Zanzibar – Tanzania


We know every couple is different, and that is why booking a customized vacation with Fresh Travel & Tours Ltd will ensure you make the most of your time traveling, whatever type of vacation you want. Whether you want that perfect beach vacation when you know families won’t be in resort, to an adventure taking you off-the-beaten track in style, we can craft something utterly unforgettable.

If you are looking for a romance, then look no further – Zanzibar is a thrilling destination for couples. With fascinating history and stunning natural beauty,its exotic blend of experiences makes Zanzibar unique. Here you will find not only secluded beaches and elegant modern villas but also sundowner dhow cruises and Arabian styled boutique hotels. However the beautiful coastline is a must, any romantic holiday in Zanzibar should include sometimes in Stone Town. The old town’s maze of narrow streets and alleys have atracted adventurous couples for centuries and new cosy restaurants and intimate hotels have contributed to the quarter’s charm. We operate in Zanzibar –Tanzania and in eastern Africa countries, so we will definitely have something up to ourselves to ensure you return home with a smile on your face. We adore smaller boutique hotels that are perfect when traveling as a couple, and use the best guides and experiences to ensure the destination you are visiting comes alive. Whether you want to gently dabble into the history and culture of a country, maybe focus on a culinary journey or venture out on a journey of a lifetime, we will listen to exactly what you want and make it happen with all the usual Fresh Travel & Tours Ltd  levels of service and quality of arrangements on the ground.

The experience you have in Zanzibar will stay in your heart forever ,wether you are on honeymoon,celebrating an anniversary or just taking some romantic time. Swim with Dolphins off Ras Kizimkazi or enrol in scuba diving course together or take time to horse riding at Kiwengwa .

Please note that homosexuality is illegal in Zanzibar,however most of the hotels and resorts have no problem with same sex couples. Outside the resorts and hotels public affection is frowned upon and it’s considered polite for even same sex couples to be discreet. Bikinis and shorts are absolutely fine on the beach , but both sexes should cover shoulders and legs when walking around town.


Vacation time is precious. It’s not only good for you, it also strengthens family ties. The secret to a great family vacation? Ensuring there’s plenty to keep all ages amused, whether you’re traveling with teens, young explorers or a multi-generational group. From adrenaline-fueled sports and wildlife encounters to family-friendly luxury beach resorts and mountain retreats, our local knowledge and customized approach means your vacation will be perfectly crafted to suit you and your family. From luxury home-away-from-home family villas in Zanzibar to back to basics wildlife adventure on a mobile safari in Tanzania, family travel is our bread and butter so we have an armory of family-friendly destinations, properties and local experiences to help you introduce your children to the world in all of its diverse glory. With a knack for conjuring up itineraries that engage and entertain children of all ages, including some extra-special teen programs, our travel experts love designing private journeys that inspire and invigorate. On your vacation to Tanzania explore flawless landscapes from serene forests to smooth white sand beaches of the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar. With gigant tortoise, historical forts, coral reefs, safari and exotic markerts, there are myraid of exciting things to see. And with our Zanzibar all inclusive packages there’s plenty of time for relaxing too.


Celebrating the start of your new life together isn’t just any vacation, it’s the vacation. It should be a hazy romantic dream of sun-kissed skin and afternoon cocktails. But it should also reflect both of your personalities, even if they’re quite different. One of you may long to escape to a beach hut on stilts for some serious pampering while the other winces at Champagne and roses clichés and dreams of a multi-destination. There are no hard and fast rules to planning your honeymoon and plenty of ways to pepper in a little adventure without skimping on romance.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough so we make sure that planning your honeymoon is part of the fun. We’ll start by asking you about your budget, your initial thoughts about what your honeymoon may look like, and any special touches.

Here are a few ideas to serve as inspiration, but remember that because we customize your luxury honeymoon around you, they’re simply intended to give you a flavor of what’s possible. When you’re ready, just give us a call.


Big birthdays, anniversaries, graduations: milestone events give you the perfect excuse to whisk kith and kin away to an exotic location for a celebration on steroids. How about a family reunion at a private house and observatory in a Saadani wildlife reserve? Snorkelling with turtles off the Zanzibar Islands before a gourmet birthday dinner on your private wooden boat? Memories are out there for the making.

So far we plan weddings, help families summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, coordinate graduation. We do it all, from extra-special ways to seriously special productions. Simply get in touch, tell us what you have in mind and let us take care of the rest.


We’ve pulled together a collection of delicious adventures that really cut the mustard. Whether you’re a foodie or not, we think that a key part of any vacation is what you eat. From a long, lazy breakfast in a Tuscan garden, indulging in fresh croissants and homemade jellies and fruit juice fresh from the orchard, to visiting a bustling fish and fruit market in Stone Town to select your sushi straight off the boats, the culinary experiences should be a highlight.


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