1.Evening stone town tour_1.hr

The grand stone town(oldest part of zanzibar city)comprices of housesthat dates back to more than a centuryand a half.while taking a leisure one hour evening guided stroll through the narrow streets of stone town, you will just be amaized to see a lot of exotic bazaars designs of zanzibar doors and door steps and finally you will walk to the Forodhani gardens to see open spiced foodsellers(kebab barbeque),the house of wonder and the palace meseum by night.

2.Zanzibar City Tour_ half day

A guided city tour of Zanzibar defines the truth about the rich cultury heritage where foreign influences blended with the local African traditions. Durring this half-day tour you will get to see historic buildings that line up the narrow winding streets of the city. The tour will take you to the town market, old slave chamber, Nalele square, tiptip house, the old british consulate, the orphanage houseand old fort, Sultan house(now a meseum), old dispensary and the old harbour.

3.Spice Tour_half day

Spice tour is a world known referenceto the island of Zanzibar .it is a half day guided tour  that takes you to small farms to the rural areas of of the Island where cloves,vanilla,nutmeg,cardemon,and othr spices,medicinal and ornamental plants and tropical fruits are grown.

The tour also includes a visit to the Persian baths which were built in 1850’s by Seyyid Said Bin Sultan( the 1st sultan of Zanzibar).

4.Prison Island tour _3hrs

This historic Prison Island was formerly ownedby an Araband used for confinment of refractory slaves. The Island was later bought by general Mathew and the jail that to date still stands was built in 1893 and hence the name Prison Island,swimming, sunbathing, and snorkelling can be donewhile you are on Prison Island.

5. Jozani forest tour_3hrs

Besides the famous Jozani natural forest with its sub-canopies trees under the highest cannopy trees being a habitat for many species of animals and birds,it is also the last strong hold in the world for its red colubus monkeys with their different calls,eating habit and coat patterns, the monkeys have been isolated for at least ten to fifteen thousand years from their mainland brethren, thus, them a distinct sub-species.

6. Dolphin adventures tour_ Full Day

Safari blue Zanzibar is the original and best full day excursion using traditional sailing dhows that are finished to the very highest standards and fitted with outboard engine, marine vets radios, gas inflables, life jackets, sun shade, boarding ladder, water proof bags and first aid kits. We are fully insured.

Fumba with a number of beautiful inhabited Islands and Sand banks. The bay is believed to frequent by humpback and bottle nose Dolphins. Day briefing is done on arrival at Fumba after which clients proceed to explore the bay and find the Dolphins. We stand an 85% chance to seeing Dolphins during our trip.

At midmorning the excursion stops at the sand bank where clients are fitted with snorkeling equipment. We have a wide range of sizes and good quality equipment including inflatable snorkeling vests for those who are not competent swimmers to whom our guides will safety lead the snorkeling session and take our clients to places of interest .

The Dolphin adventures will take you to Kizimkazi while at Kizimkazi you will see traces of an old Shiraz settlement (probably a fort) in a enclosure surrounded by a wall near sea shore. An ancient mosque with an inscription recording that it was built in A.H 500(A.D 1107) by  Sheikh Seyyid Said Abi Amman, who appears to have been a local ruler can also be seen. Outside the mosque, clients will also see a well and graves off Sheriffs (descendants of the prophet). Tour ends up by returning to Fumba to witness the colorful African sunset at 5:30pm.

7.Nungwi tour_ Full day

Nungwi is  settled on the north tip of Zanzibar island,an hour and a half drive drive from stone town . Nungwi is rich in crystal clear waters, an excellent places for diving, swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing.

It’s the only trip that drops you to Mangapwani caves, after the closure of slave market in 1873 the cave had been used as secret hideout from which slaves were kept illegally then shipped else wheres untill 1911. Later you will continue your trip to Nungwi which is  just an hour from the cave.

8. Sand bank picnick.

For people who love a completely relax or having an adventure and excitement. This is their answer.We sail towards the white sand bank; we will do some snorkeling and see the stunning array of colored corals and tropical fish of the island.The trip includes the use of top quality snorkeling equipment with guides and instructors, ice cold sodas, mineral water and the very delicious Zanzibar seafood lunch that will be served on the white sand. We round the day off  by returning to the shore by traditional sail.

 9. Chumbe Island

A  historic lighthouse built in 1904 and an old mosque togetherwith a kilometrelong protected and virgin reef, are but few of the attractions you will see when you make a motorised tripto the secluded islandof Chumbe that is endevoured with a nature reservewith the forest and marine nature trails.

The endangered Roscate ternis among the 40 species of birds found on the Islandthat you will listen to singing when journing through the special nature trails passing a tunnel of fascinating indegenous undergrowth. Theres on the Island an uninterrupted coral garden that stretches right from the shallow beach to a drop-off to about 16 metres deep.

Here you get to see a school of fish belonging to 370 families which is among the highest diversity found anywhere along the East African Coast. This reef is regularly visited by turtles and the Dolphins. Snorkelling  in the reef sanctuary is an amaizing and unique spectacle.

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